Track a Cell Phone Free released by Chirp GPS

Track a Cell Phone Free released by Chirp GPS

How to track a cell phone for free using mobile GPS, a phone number, and the Chirp GPS mobile tracking system online at

Tracking a cell phone using GPS is no small task, but with Chirp GPS technology we’ve made it a whole lot easier with our newly released “Track a cell phone” page, so anyone can GPS locate someone else without even using the Chirp GPS app!

Here's how Track a Cell Phone works:

Go to the Track a Cell phone page, and enter your phone number, your name, and the person you want to tracks phone number.

They will receive a message that you wish to view their location. Once they accept the request, and answer “yes” to allowing you to view them - you can see their location on a map in real time!

As long as the person you want to track leaves the screen in the foreground - you will get real-time updates of their location, which is great for kids driving, or just wanting to make sure someone has made it to their destination safely!
But during the time you are tracking someone, they appear to not be moving anymore or you just want to get a fresh update, just tap “request update” and the person you are tracking will receive another message asking for a location update. They just need to tap the link sent to them and you will get an updated

Chirp GPS is proud to offer this to the world free of charge, in hopes it makes everyone just a little more safe, and to demonstrate how easy the Chirp GPS mobile tracking system is to use.
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