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Fleet Tracking

Chirp GPS is used around the world as the best fleet vehicle tracking, emergency response personnel tracking, military, sales staff tracking, individual employee tracking, medical staff dispatching, and many more sectors of business.

The Best Fleet GPS Tracking Software and App for iPhone, Android, and the Web

What separates Chirp GPS from other GPS fleet tracking platforms is our reputation, features, versatility, ease of use, and robust device tracking. Plus fleet administrators can log in to our website and administrate their entire fleet, boundaries, places, alerts, and more - all with the click of a mouse. Our fleet software installs onto your Apple iOS device in including iPhones and iPads, and many different Android devices.

US Government approved

Chirp GPS is the only tracking and locator app system to be created by an approved Department of Defense contractor and to be tested by the US military. Our team is dedicated to the task of providing our customers with the most robust, feature-rich, and secure tracking solution on the planet.

Mobile Device Tracking for Fleets

Chirp GPS fleet tracking works by installing onto any mobile device, iOS, or Android, and sending detailed location information to your Chirp GPS fleet account. We provide you with the incoming data in real time, including specific location information, speed alerts, stops, routes, and much more.

Fleet GPS Tracking and Management

Our fleet management dashboard provides fleet administrators absolute control over the entire fleet all at once.

Here are a few features:

View fleet in real time, with speed, distances to places, and over 10 other elements of their location
Private message with individual members of the fleet
Create new fleet users, or import entire lists at one time
Create access groups to allow managers unique tracking access only to groups of people you define
Sending mass SMS text alerts by group
Send automatic enrollment links to new users of your fleet
Lock the app and screen of Chirp GPS running on anyone's phone so it can't be turned off or tampered with (we call this black-box tracking)
Download advanced reporting to Excel files that include stops, driving times, when anyone entered a boundary or place and how long they stayed there, you can customize any part of the report builder
Save reports and have them emailed to anyone at intervals you define
And much more...

Fleet App Innovation

We are always innovating and thinking of new ways for Chirp GPS to help our customers, and our commitment to strong. With over 250,000 active members of our GPS tracking platform, we know how important location information and accuracy is in today's fast-paced world.

Fleet Software License Costs

License costs vary depending on how many devices will be in your fleet account. Here is a breakdown of our fleet GPS tracking solution, but call for the best price.

Up to 500 devices
$8.95 monthly per device
$99 / Yearly

500 + devices
$6.95 monthly per device
$69 / Yearly

*Call for a customized quote, we can work within any budget to provide you the best value for your fleet tracking.

API Access for websites / developers

Chirp GPS also offers secure REST API access to our fleet customers for customized routing, location tracking, and more. Contact us for more details.

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