Chirp GPS compared to Life360 and other tracking platforms

Chirp GPS is the only mobile tracking platform, written and supported by an approved USA Department of Defense contractor - Moonbeam Development. In addition, Chirp GPS has been tested and used in the field by the US military, and certain parts of the United Nations.

With over 10 years of GPS tracking innovation under our belt, we thought it would be beneficial to visitors if we stopped and compared what our Chirp GPS tracking platform, including our mobile apps offer, to what other GPS tracking apps offer.

Place your mouse curser inside the table below and scroll to compare the differences of our mobile GPS platform to others.

Real-time GPS tracking      
Continues to track without an Internet connection      
Reactivates itself and stays on even with phone reboot      
Unlimited places and boundaries      
Boundary alerting    
Custom avatar icons    
Proximity pairing without a code      
Dedicated tracking by individual      
Track people just by phone number      
Desktop web access    
Meetups with reminders      
Panic widget by phone number      
Make temporary location broadcasts      
90 day tracking history      
Download tracking history for offline usage    
Lock the app so it can't be turned off      
Speedometer on screen      
Full screen view
Satellite view    
Street view    
Show distance away from you      
Altimeter reading      
Show someone's GPS signal strength      
View crime in area for anyone    
View weather in area anyone      
Complete street address resolved      
Get directions to anyone's location      
Private messaging    
Send ping wake-up alerts      
Speed alerts    
Individual location information with speed and direction      
Almost zero impact on battery performance when tracking is on      
One-Tap boundary / place creation      
Adjust your own GPS location accuracy      
One tap check-in
Works on iOS and Android
Block people from tracking you      
Know when someone is viewing your location      
Use for business      
Does not share your location information for advertising      
Phone must be jailbroken to work (unsupported by Apple or Google)    
Price compare $2.99 /mo for all-access premium $7.99 /mo for basic only $50.00+ /mo premium $29.99 /mo for basic

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