Chirp is a GPS tracking and location-sharing app that has the most powerful set of GPS tracking functions, in a simple to use interface, on the market today. Turn your phone into a dedicated mobile GPS tracking device instantly!

With the ability to turn any device into a password protected, dedicated GPS trackable device, it’s perfect for family, friends, business owners, fleet owners, and anytime you need accurate GPS tracking to know where people are. For home, or for business - stay safe with Chirp.

You can view family and friends locations on a map with speed, direction, history, overhead satellite view, crime in the area, and even weather in their area!

Get alerted when friends and family enter or leave a geo-fence and boundary you set, get directions to someone, drop pins, send panic alerts and much more - all from within the Chirp GPS app interface. Now you can know immediately when someone goes home, leave school, arrives at work, dropped off a delivery, and any event you setup. Boundaries can be created and deleted with a simple tap of the screen.

Chirp GPS Tracking Features:

- Best in the industry, always on GPS tracking with very low battery impact
- Organize your friends and family in the connections area
- Track friends and family and view their location on a map, with GPS navigation and address visible in real-time
- See history, speed, direction, and elevation of anyone
- Switch between GPS satellite and GPS street views
- Get crime and weather information at anyones location (including your own)
- Get alerted when friends or family enters or leaves a geo-fence and boundary you set
- Get turn-by-turn directions to anyone you are connected to
- Ability to LOCK Chirp and turn it into a dedicated trackable device that can't be turned off (great for kids or fleet owners)
- Send “panic emergency alerts” to friends, family, or other important people you choose
- Send messages back and forth with your friends or family
- Use Chirp GPS to send “Checked in” GPS locations quickly
- One tap account registration
- Simple pairing process to connect with friends, family, co-workers, employees, and others you want to GPS track and follow, just two taps!
- Drop pins on map, save and share GPS locations
- Full screen car MAP view with on-screen compass, altimeter, and speed
- Includes most indoor maps (malls, shops, etc)
- Track friends or family across any carrier or device type
- Works with iOS (Apple), Android (Google), or web devices
- Real-time monitoring of anyones location
- Track multiple people at once
- Watch friends and family while they are traveling, with speed and distance measured
- Toggle your global status to online / offline mode to preserve battery or when you don’t want to be found
- Control your information and make yourself invisible to anyone so you can’t be tracked or viewed online by them
- Send a wake-up to someone to have them check in or come online to be tracked
- Track a stolen or lost phone from the app or website
- Vast embedded help system on any screen
Chirp GPS tracking can be used for families, friends, business owners, fleet owners, and anyone wanting precise GPS location data for people.

Chirp GPS Promo and Getting Started Video

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