Chirp GPS brings location tracking to Springfield, Mo

Chirp GPS brings location tracking to Springfield, Mo

Springfield, Mo app developers show off Chirp GPS at the Safe and Sound 2017 event by Ky3.

The Springfield, Mo Safe & Sound event held at the Ozark Empire Fairground is a yearly event the local Ky3 television station heads up. In attendance are area vendors to help raise awareness about safety, awareness, and being responsible when it comes to many facets of danger in our lives.

Last years event shuffled over 12,000 people through the arena in just under 7 hours - and 2017 is set to be even bigger (totals are still pending).

Moonbeam Development (maker of the Chirp GPS location tracking app and service) is a member of the BBB, and attended this years event in the "land of trust",  to being Chirp GPS mobile tracking app to the local community.

It was a busy day of showing off Chirp GPS to parents, kids, business owners, and more people - who were all interested to learn about how the mobile app can convert their device into a real-time tracking monitor, with loads of safety features that anyone can appreciate.

We themed the event "where are your peeps", and gave away bags, and bags of the squishy little marshmallow candies to everyone!

We also celebrated being a featured BBB vendor by giving away 3 months of premium tracking service - just for downloading Chirp during the event!

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, the awesome chat, and valued feedback! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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