Life Saver

One of the most challenging aspects of any natural disaster is knowing where people are, before, and after the event occurs. Tracking the location of those effected is something we want to help with, and that's why we created the Chirp GPS "Life-Saver" protocol.

How does Life-Saver work?

Life-Saver allows Chirp GPS to activate the Chirp GPS app free of charge in regions that are expecting life threatening situations.

We monitor regions around the world for life-threatening situations that could impact many people. In the areas that are effected, Chirp GPS will automatically activate Life-Saver so anyone downloading the app in those regions can get access to all of the life-saving features of the app, free of charge for 30 days, no questions asked, no money needed. Just download it, and use it.

After 30 days, the app will just downgrade itself to the free version, and you can keep using all of the free features of the app.

It's our way of sending help to anyone facing a natural disaster. By installing Chirp GPS, you can send your location updates to people you love and care about, and in the event you become missing, law enforcement can talk to anyone who you shared your location with, for your last known update.

[LASTEST UPDATED 10/8/2018 9:15 AM CST]

Life-Saver has been activated for the States of FLorida Okaloosa/Walton County line in Florida to Anclote River, Florida. This means life-threatening storm surge inundation is a danger in the warning area within 36 hours.

If you are in those locations, please download Chirp GPS now and pair with friends and family so they know your location during the threat.

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